Monday, November 28, 2011

Sharing Project of the Caring Fund

The Sharing Project 
of the   Caring Fund

This year during Advent, the three parishes that make up the St. Brennan Parish Community are joining together to support our brothers and sisters in San Ramon, El Salvador. Together we will raise $15,000 for two important projects that offer us an opportunity to practice the most essential pillar of our faith and Jesus' vision... that we are all one. 

$5,000 will provide two resin coated water storage tanks for the collecting and storing of clean water for the remote and desperately poor community of Las Nubes, on the edge of the San Salvador Volcano on the outskirts of San Ramon, El Salvador.

$10,000 will be used to start a microcredit lending fund, to provide small loans of $50-$200 as startup capital for small businesses.